Service Studio

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Features include:-
  • customer name and address

  • call logging and planning

  • equipment lists

  • service history

  • part numbers, IRIS codes

  • warranty claims

  • invoicing

  • maintenance accounts


  • stock management

  • purchase ordering

  • diary and alert messages

  • internal memos

  • searches, lists and reports

  • loan set register

  • surveillance {cctv} database




  • unlimited record count

  • unlimited file size

  • multi-user (unlimited)

  • multi-OS (Windows or Mac)

  • data archive and backup

  • online context sensitive help


More to note..

  • Compatible with all Microsoft Windowstm platforms 98/XP/2000/Vista

  • Easy to install standalone or for multi-user over a local area network

  • Online "live" updates

  • Powered by Omnis Studio (RAD) database system

  • *adapted for Apple Mac OsX upon request


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Approved and recommended by most leading manufacturers.


Midlands Co-operative


Installation and repair specialists of TV and CCTV equipment.

Approved by most leading manufacturers.